Predict Your Personal Five Year Future

Take Control – Discover How To Define YOUR Future Life – Define Your Future Point B

“The future depends on what we do in the present.” ~Mahatma Gandhi.

What are you doing in YOUR present to get to YOUR five year future Point B?

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Are You At One of Life’s Crossroads?

Are you making major life changes such as: students and graduates; those who are dating, marrying or divorcing; those who are job hunting, have lost their job, changing careers or starting their own business; those who are seeking personal transformation or who are re-evaluating their lives for a variety of other reasons?

If so, then this book will be especially meaningful to your present and future.

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The book FIVE YEAR LIFE is a short, simplified motivational guide and workbook to help you quickly identify your own personal, career and relationship life goals.

By answering the book’s easy 82 question quiz, you can help ensure that your multiple goals are consistent and compatible for all aspects of your life along with the multiple goals of wives, husbands and significant others.

FIVE YEAR LIFE helps readers avoid wasting weeks, months or even years of their lives traipsing down dead-end paths caused by goal incompatibilities.

I’d like to share with you a valuable thought process that might give you some critical insights into your personal future. The questions are very simple.

It’s the answers that will affect the rest of your life.

And, yes, I know this may sound like the same trite question you probably got on your first job interview.  But that was when you were a kid. With all that you have now experienced, you should have the insight to answer the questions with your current goals in mind.

Axioms of Life

After three decades of experience pursuing my mission of helping folks get to their Point B, I’ve learned a few axioms of life that I want to share with you:

  • Too many folks never consider that they have control of their own destiny. As a result, they never know where they’re going – and they end up taking too many dead-end trails that lead to nowhere because they never understood they had the right and the ability to choose their Point B.
  • Too many folks procrastinate even the micro-decisions that affect their life path. As a result, they are frozen by indecisiveness when it comes to the big decisions because they never take responsibility for defining their own Point B.
  • Too many folks consider two weeks to be long term planning. As a result, they end up making reflex decisions that get them off the right path because they never defined their right Point B past a two-week timeline.
  • If you are already in a long-term relationship, you and your significant-other need to have a similar desired Point B destination and a shared path to reach it.
  • If you don’t share the same Point B, at some other point your paths will probably go different directions – with the result that each of you may end up going your separate ways. This is discussed in great detail in my book, “Efficient Love” – so, if you need more information about this, buy the book at or get more information at my web site,
  • You and your career goals need to have a similar desired Point B destination. If you are even considering starting a company, your very first decision needs to be your definition of the right-for-you personal Point B. Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur – and it may make a lot more sense, for a lot of reasons, for you to work for someone else. Even then, your career decisions need to be congruent with your personal Point B.
  • The choice between starting and running a company – versus working for someone else’s company will depend upon what is right for you. But either way, your personal desired Point B needs to be on the same path as your business Point B — or you will have dragons galore that will need to be slayed on a regular basis.

Part of my personal mission is to help you make sure you’re on the right path to YOUR desired Point B – helping you define what is right for you.


I promise this won’t take long – but this book might possibly give you some life changing epiphanies. Such as: Does your new company or career REALLY fit the lifestyle you say is important to you and your family – or is there really a genuine compatibility with that new Significant Other who just came into your life?

Consider your personal gain if even one of these epiphanies, or even one “Ah Ha” moment of clarity, gives you the right answer to a pivotal question BEFORE you start your new company, change jobs or hook up in that next romantic relationship?

Wouldn’t even one epiphany be a great ROI for this 30 minute investment of your time?

In the book’s 30 minute Quiz, stop all of your multiplexing for a few minutes. Instead, think about you.

  • What are YOU going to be doing five years from today?
  • What will be your ideal Five Year Life?
  • What are the right tactical and strategic decisions for YOU?

Unless you know where you WANT to go in your personal life, it’s going to be difficult to make a lot of the right business and personal decisions that you will face every day, week and year between now and five years from now.

Life Pivot Points

If you’re getting ready to start a new company, you’re getting ready to start down a long path that might lead to success and riches – or failure and ruin. If you are starting a new romantic relationship, your path may lead to heartbreak or to happily ever after.

With either of these life pivot points, your journey down these paths may consume a good portion of the next year or even decades of your life.

You might want to make sure, up front, that you are going down congruent paths that lead to your own Point B and that your personal needs – and the needs of your family or significant others – share that same vision of Point B.

Click Now To Get Five Year Life - Don't Start ANY Relationship, New Job or Career Before Answering These Pivotal 82 Questions About You

Find out now.

Take this 82 Question Quiz today – and discover exactly what is important to YOUR Five Year Life!

Hope Is Having Your Own Very Special and Personal Point B

I genuinely hope that you find the book helpful and meaningful on a very personal level for your own life and career planning!

Most readers find multiple epiphanies and “ah ha” moments when they really start to drill down on what seems like trivial questions at first glance.

Hopefully, this book will give YOU some clarity about your own very special Point B when you are at some of life’s many crossroads!

Warm wishes that your Point B is all you have ever hoped for,


Robert Lee Goodman, MBA

Five Year Life

#1 Amazon Bestseller In Job Hunting!
#1 Amazon Bestseller In Personal Transformation!

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