Five Year Life – Special Sales


FIVE YEAR LIFE – Special Sales – An Ideal Premium Book For
Your Customers, Clients And Prospects

Authored by Robert Lee Goodman, MBA 

#1 Amazon Bestseller In Job Hunting!

#1 Amazon Bestseller In Personal Transformation!

Don’t Start ANY Relationship Or New Career Before Answering These Pivotal 82 Questions!

The Book That Can Save Mankind A Million Years – One Life At A Time

The book, Five Year Life, is a short, 96 page, simplified motivational guide and worksheet to help readers quickly identify their own personal, career and relationship life goals. By answering the book’s easy 82 question quiz, readers can help ensure that their multiple goals are consistent and compatible for all aspects of their lives along with the multiple goals of their wives, husbands and significant others. 

Five Year Life helps readers avoid wasting weeks, months or even years of their lives traipsing down dead-end paths caused by goal incompatibilities. 

Five Year Life – An Ideal Premium Book For Your Customers, Clients And Prospects

Five Year Life will be sponsored by one or more significant corporations and distributed through a variety of premium networks including online opt-in gifting, gift-with-purchase and purchase-with-purchase programs. The low cost and high perceived value of Five Year Life makes it a perfect premium gift for your customers, clients and prospects. 

Five Year Life - Special Sales - An Ideal Premium Book For Your Customers, Clients And Prospects

Does your customer base includes those who are making major life changes such as: students and graduates; those who are dating, marrying or divorcing; those who are job hunting, have lost their job, changing careers or starting their own business; those who are seeking personal transformation or who are re-evaluating their lives for a variety of other reasons?

Five Year Life is ideal for online list building, customer acquisition, couponing, encouraging repeat patronage to a sponsor and can be customized to most any specifications while generating tremendous positive good will for the sponsor. It is an ideal self-liquidator.

If so, then Five Year Life will be especially meaningful to their present and future.

With their personal copy of Five Year Life filled with their own hand-written notes, many readers retain their book for years – a book possibly branded by your company. 

Five Year Life is an ideal, low cost, high impact premium that will be appreciated by your prospective customers, clients and prospects now and years into the future. 

Five Year Life offers a unique opportunity for sponsors to positively and pivotally affect many lives – especially those who are at life’s crossroads. 

Want to Help Me Save the World a MILLION Years
AND Help Your Customers, Clients and Prospects at the Same Time?

Help me get this life-changing book into the hands of a million readers. 

Life is too short for meandering down dead-end trails.

If we can save each reader from wasting just one year, one million books can save mankind a MILLION YEARS of folks squandering time and life on wrong paths caused by incompatibilities with their personal, career and relationship goals. 

That’s a lot of increased happiness and fulfillment in the world that you can help create.

But I need your help finding those one million people who are ready to proactively take charge of their lives.

To find those one million individuals who are ready, I need your help getting Five Year Life in the hands of at least one million readers. Many of those million folks are probably your customers, clients and prospects.

With that in mind, I am offering your company greatly reduced prices for copies of the book Five Year Life for you to use as a corporate premium or personal gift.

Five Year Life Can Help Your Company Rise Above The Noise Level 

Your customers, clients and prospects can buy Five Year Life at Amazon and bookstores nationwide for $9.97. 

However, with our Special Sales Program, you can offer the same paperback book as a corporate premium – and provide your customers with a proven guide that will help them with their pivotal life choices.

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Robert Lee Goodman, MBA
CEO & Author

“The future depends on what we do in the present.” Mahatma Gandhi.



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